Good design helps small business to grow.

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Design marketplaces: What is the best choice for your creative project.

Nowadays there are tons of marketplaces to choose your freelance designer. Crowdsourcing, micro-lancing and other buzzwords can make you, a small business owner, completely dazed and confused.

But how do you go about separating the good from the bad, and, especially for this industry, the ugly?

I’ve conducted extensive research on major freelancer websites, tested each of them on your behalf, and laid out the pros and cons here, to lend a helping hand to your decision. With comprehensive insights into prices, bidding complications, and the overall quality of the work being done by the freelancers on these sites, this is all the help you’ll ever need to make your decision. Let’s begin, shall we?

Common struggles when choosing a freelance designer and how to overcome them.

They say the best kind of problems are the ones you can watch your neighbors having. Learning from someone else’s problems is something akin to finding free money. It’s with this in mind that I’ve approached a series of entrepreneurs and freelance designers about their biggest struggles in attempting to smoothly run a design project. So that their benefit might be your stepping stone.

We’ve got pure gold from the trenches, so you can learn and avoid those mistakes yourself.

How website design can increase conversions and sales

To the majority of entrepreneurs and small business owners, a website ends up being more of a chore, than anything else. They build it, and leave it to take care of their daily hustle. What if your website could be an honest-to-goodness sales machine? A channel to bring you qualified leads, that takes less effort than managing a full sales team? In this article, I’ll be giving you some handy pointers on how website design can help you increase conversions and sales.

Six reasons a strong brand helps to grow your small business.

In this era of self-starters, online businesses, and innovation, there’s one question every small business owner needs to ask: what is a brand? The answer is simple but critical: it’s everything. Every face of your operation, from customer support to your website and social media presence, and beyond. The brand is your business, specifically the personality, and it is an important tool for keeping your company or product relevant.

Moodboard: More than words.

When trying to translate design concepts for a brief, words will always fail miserably. They’re too subjective. What one person calls edgy, another might see as chaotic. That’s the irony of having to use a design brief – visuals communicate things that words just cannot, but we need to write down our ideas so everyone gets the visual they want. A good tool to help you get your ideas across is a mood board.

Three tips to communicate better with your designer.

Creative projects done for a business are a delicate thing. There’s nothing worse than getting creative work back that you don’t like, especially when you’re not even sure what it is you would have liked instead. Hours of work, overtime pay, and missed deadlines are the painful costs of a poorly coordinated project. Communication is key. If you can’t make your expectations clear, even the best project can turn from productive to frustrating, quickly.

Design Brief: How to communicate what you want, when you don’t know what you want.

There are a lot of considerations running through an entrepreneur’s mind when it comes to hiring design services for their business, such as a logo or website. One of the most struggles is in entrepreneurs trying to communicate something they want, when even they themselves don’t know what that is yet.

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